What is the AHIT® therapy?

The AHIT® therapy (autologous immunotherapy) is an individual form of therapy for the treatment of diseases related to the malfunction of the immune system. Immunologically active substances, which can regulate the immune system,are obtained from the patient's blood and urine. They are concentrated, activated and processed into a pharmaceutical product that is individually tailored to the needs of the individual patient. This individual drug can have an immunomodulating effect and a regulating influence on the malfunction of the immune system.

For which indications can the therapy be applied?

The therapy is used with great success in the treatment of so-called atopic diseases such as neurodermatitis, allergic asthma or psoriasis. Inflammatory bowel diseases, rheumatic disorders and chronic susceptibility to infections have also been successfully treated. All these disorders are often caused by a dysfunction (incorrect control) of the immune system which the AHIT® therapy can help regulate.

Is AHIT® an autohemotherapy?

The AHIT® therapy is not an autohemotherapy. Autohemotherapy is defined as the immediate reinjection of freshly drawn autologous blood. In the case of the AHIT® therapy, certain immunologically important substances are isolated from the patient's blood and urine and then processed. This processing is carried out according to the applicable guidelines for pharmaceutical companies. Using this method, a high-quality and strictly controlled individual drug is produced.

What should I do to get the medicine prescribed?

The manufacture of the individual pharmaceutical product may be prescribed by doctors who cooperate with FBM-PHARMA and have been approved by the authorities. For further information, please contact us here.
We will be happy to help you.

What does the AHIT® therapy cost?

Depending on age, diagnosis and severity of the disease, there are different forms of the AHIT® therapy with different manufacturing processes and application possibilities for the particular autologous immunotherapeutics. This results in various prices which we will tell you upon request. This way you can choose the best form of therapy together with your therapist. Feel free to contact us here for a specific quote.

You can find more details under the heading finance.

How long do the therapies last?

The therapies for the treatment of atopic diseases usually last 6-8 months. Other forms of therapy last up to 12 months.

How should the drugs be taken?

There are various forms of administration. The individual drugs from the patient's own blood are either combination preparations from drops for ingestion and syringes for subcutaneous (under-the-skin) injection or pure drop preparations. A detailed dosing schedule facilitates the regular application of your individual drug.

What side effects do the therapies have?

Since the AHIT® preparations are made of the body's own material, they are well-tolerated and thus virtually free of side effects. In some cases, an initial aggravation of the symptoms - which is known from homeopathy - was observed at the beginning of the therapy.

How long does it take to get "my" medicine?

Due to the elaborate manufacturing process and microbiological quality controls, the manufacturing process lasts approximately 4 - 6 weeks.

Is the AHIT® therapy only available on prescription?

Yes, the AHIT® preparations are prescription drugs.

Will the health insurance companies bear the costs?

This question cannot generally be answered with a yes or no, since health insurance companies are not obliged to pay for the costs. However, we recommend that all patients submit a query on costs to their health insurance before starting the treatment. We will be pleased to send you a quotation. Our experience shows that some health insurance companies are willing to refund the costs.