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Humans are the heart of our research.

With this motto in mind, FBM-PHARMA GmbH focuses on the production and development of personalised and individual treatment methods. Our focus is on therapies for atopic diseases such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis, allergies and asthma as well as therapies for rheumatic diseases.

With the combination of the scientific aspects of classical immunology and our experience in naturopathic-based medicine, FBM-PHARMA GmbH has developed the successful therapies AHIT® (autologous immunotherapy) and urexent®. As such, it connects key findings from different medical disciplines. Immunologically effective components are processed from the patient's own blood and / or urine, which are then made available in the form of oral (oral drops) or parenteral (for injection) drugs. For more information, see AHIT® and urexent®.

The AHIT® and urexent® therapies are immunomodulatory therapies with the aim of regulating and strengthening the body's defences and thus stimulate the body's capability for self-regeneration. This way, dysregulation of the immune system can be counteracted.

Corporate development
  • 1995: Establishment of FBM-PHARMA GmbH
  • 1996: Preparations undertaken for a retrospective study on AHIT® in patients with neurodermatitis in collaboration with the University Hospital in Mannheim under the supervision of Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Jung
  • 1997: Start of the controlled study at the University Hospital in Mannheim under the supervision of Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Jung
  • 1998: Based on findings that have been obtained from the treatment of neurodermatitis, FBM-PHARMA GMBH develops the cosmetic care product DAOSAN® to treat dry skin.
  • 2001: Extension of the AHIT® concept with the introduction of AHIT®-S, the today's AHIT ND-base
  • 2002: The DAOSAN® line is expanded with the introduction of DAOSAN®Plus and DAOSAN® body milk
  • 2003: Extension of the AHIT® concept with the introduction of AHIT®-CA
  • 2006: Establishment of FBM Holding AG in Zurich, expansion of our investor base to finance further expansion of FBM-PHARMA GmbH and expand research and development activities
  • 2006: Completion of the controlled study
  • 2007: Extension of the AHIT concept with the introduction of AHIT®-SL
  • 2010: Renaming of FBM Holding AG to Vaccentis AG
  • 2012: Extension of the AHIT® concept with the introduction of urexent®, formerly known as AHIT Infant
  • 2014: Reissue of the DAOSAN® cream and body lotion
Our Philosophy

We look for individualised solutions to restore your health. The continuous development of patient-specific therapies and a traditionally high quality awareness are a matter of fact for us. Our goal is to offer physicians and patients alternative methods of being cured by breaking new ground. We feel directly responsible for the patient and pursue his / her development by direct contact with him / her and his / her supervising therapist.

High-quality products and individual therapy regimens are the pillars of this special form of the AHIT® therapy. We want to offer sick people full-scale treatment with well-tolerated drugs and additional skin care products.

Close cooperation with trusted therapists using the AHIT® or urexent® therapies ensures patients the best care possible whose recovery is our main focus.

The huge amount of positive feedback from our patients is a daily incentive to continue to work with great commitment for the recovery of sick people.

Our Vision

With our forms of therapy, we want to contribute to the fight against the constant increase of allergic and autoimmune diseases. In this regard, activating the self-healing powers of each patient by means of our drugs comes first.

A sensible combination of scientific knowledge in immunology and the experience of naturopathy is our endeavour to help many patients gently achieve a higher quality of life with well-tolerated drugs.

In order to carry out our vision, we focus on the research and development of other forms of therapies to treat additional disease patterns with AHIT® and urexent®.

The DAOSAN® line of care products that accompanies the therapy will be supplemented by other products, so that the patient's well-being can be completed with supportive skin care.

Preparation and quality

The individual drugs for the different AHIT® therapies and urexent® are all prepared at our company site in Ludwigshafen / Rhine. FBM-PHARMA GmbH has an EU manufacturing permit for the preparations of drugs using one's own blood and urine and is subject to guidelines for drug-producing plants. Compliance with and continuous optimisation of our quality standards in the fields of drug preparation and corporate management, which are regularly revised by the relevant state authority, are a matter of course.

We meet the highest standards during the preparation of each individual drug. Production in qualified clean rooms and the use of qualified and continuously trained employees guarantee the patient's optimal safety for obtaining a high quality product. Due to the autologous (patient's own) nature of the source materials (blood and urine) as well as the individual preparation and bottling process, the production of the drugs is exclusively done manually.

All source materials necessary for the production process are quality-tested before use. The production process itself takes place according to the strictly-controlled principles of the drug industry that apply to the preparation of parenterals (sterile preparations for injection) and, in particular, parenterals from blood products. Facilities, equipment and processes must always reflect the current state of science and technology.

Extensive final checks ensure a product that always meets the highest requirements in terms of quality and microbiological parameters.

For special production conditions, computerised logistics have been developed so as to ensure that the source materials and finished products of each individual patient can be tracked at any time from entry to delivery through the use of digital codes.

Our employees identify themselves with the company. Their motivation and their own initiative ensure the continuous progress of FBM-PHARMA GmbH. Team spirit and reliability have a positive effect on the working atmosphere.

Patient safety is our top priority. Permanent training and the continued optimisation of our processes are important components of our quality management system.