Our patients' opinion

We frequently receive letters from our patients that we'd like to share with you. We are rather proud of our achievements. As many letters contain several pages, we've only published small excerpts. To preserve the anonymity of our patients, we've partially changed the names and places to prevent identification.

Extracts from letters about skin diseases

Patient: C.K., Hohenwestedt

... Even to this day, our son is completely symptom-free and well-tempered.

Patient: K.S., Wismar

... I have to mention that I've been in excellent health since the therapy. The skin on my face has become so smooth within half a week that no one can actually see my skin disease any more. I've gone back to work a couple of days ago...

Patient: A.B., Schifferstadt

... our daughter, A., who greatly suffered from neurodermatitis is as fit as a fiddle thanks to your AHIT® method. The treatment was completed about 1½ years ago and A. is in great health.

Patient: S.H., Hamburg

... many sunny greetings from sunny Spain from S.H. and family. I've gone swimming in the sea several times without any pain – something that used to be impossible for me over the past few years! My skin is still almost symptom-free.

Patient: B.F., Munich

…. His skin has been in almost perfect condition since that time – it's made all of us very happy.

Patient: E.K., Offenburg

... my son U. and I were under medical treatment in your facility since February this year because of our eczema. In this way, I would like to inform you that we (U. since 4.5 months and I for about 3-4 months) are almost entirely free of symptoms....

Patient: S.M., Rheine

... In no time, the oedema disappeared, AHIT improved the itching and we suddenly had a completely different child: curious, cheerful, interested in everything with a desire to move around. ...

Patient: A.K., Mannheim

... the first blood culture (editor's note: the AHIT therapy) was not fully successful. The second regimen, however, freed my husband from the itchy skin on his legs, arms, and Torso.

Patient: T.S., Duesseldorf

… we never thought we'd see our son so cheerful and laughing again. Aside from a few sites, the skin has completely recovered, the "scratch attacks" fortunately went down after the fourth injection to the joy of the whole family. B. is now much calmer, more balanced and relaxed, something we never thought possible. It also goes without saying that he's been totally free from infections since April and has no longer taken cortisone since then as well.

Patient: B.S., Remscheid

... here is a brief status update on our daughter L.: Since September 2003, her skin appearance has continuously improved during therapy. Most notably, the skin on the arms, legs and torso has become free of symptoms amazingly fast and is now very soft....

Patient: A.V., Konstanz

... The steady improvement since the beginning of the therapy astonished and amazed not only us, but those around us too...

Patient: E.D., Dormagen

... While all previous medical interventions stabilised my condition at best ... or overthrew my body with significant side effects (meant quite literally), AHIT turned out to be an effective aid free of side-effects....

Patient: F.H., Muenster

... Today, I would like to thank you for your support and the great success of AHIT ... In conclusion, it should be noted that I have never regretted undergoing this therapy because I was healed and my quality of life came back....