Autologous Serum Eye Drops (SED)

Autologous serum eye drops (ASAT) have proven to be a safe and helpful therapy for many years. They are particularly useful in the treatment of various forms of dry eye and support wound healing in the eye.

Dry eye

Normally, the tear fluid protects the healthy eye from harmful influences and supplies the cornea with the necessary nutrients. For this purpose, the cornea must be evenly moistened to ensure good vision. If this tear flow is missing or disturbed, complaints such as a feeling of pressure, burning or a foreign body sensation and even pain in the eye occur. Artificial tear substitutes moisten the cornea, merely prevent it from drying out and thus provide temporary relief. Serum eye drops also provide the cornea with the necessary nutrients and have an anti-inflammatory effect, which can contribute to a significant alleviation of the symptoms.


The technical word "autologous" means "body's own". This means that your body's own blood forms the basis for your individual serum eye drops. Blood consists of solid components (e.g., white and red blood cells) and a liquid component, the serum. Your personal eye drops are made from this serum.

For the collection of autologous serum FBM-PHARMA GmbH cooperates with collection centers. This is currently realized around Bochum, Saarbrücken and Kaiserslautern. FBM-PHARMA GmbH is continuously establishing further cooperation partners to be able to offer collection at further locations.


Serum eye drops "ASAT" produced by FBM-PHARMA GmbH have the following advantages:

  • High quality
    • 25% dilution of the serum, which corresponds to the properties of natural tear fluid
    • Ensured sterility by sterile filtration and bottling into containers with a special sealing mechanism
    • No allergens or preservatives

  • Patient friendly
    • Multiple dose dispenser enables easy dosing
    • One dispenser has enough content for one week, can be stored in the refrigerator
    • Improved viscosity for better administration
    • Only one blood donation per year
    • Storage of residual serum, thus production of further ASAT possible without renewed blood donation

  • Simple logistics
    • The whole process is handled by FBM-PHARMA GmbH
    • Delivery to the pharmacy of the patient's choice

ASAT are available only on prescription and are manufactured according to the regulations of the German drug law. Many patients with severe ocular diseases such as keratoconjunctivitis sicca or Sjögren's syndrome benefit from therapy with autologous serum eye drops (ASAT), therefore the medical guideline from BVA1 and DOG2 recommends ASAT as an effective therapy also in combination or parallel to other ophthalmic drugs.

1BVA: Professional Association of Ophthalmologists of Germany e.V.
2DOG: German Ophthalmological Society e.V.